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We have tripled our numbers!


This year has been extremely busy due to all the moisture we received in regards to farm management.  I really would love to be able to spend more time indoors sharing info with all of you but life happens.  Along with raising 4 kids, helping my wife finish more college and taking care of 60 horses I get to manage about 700 acres of hunting land.  This all becomes very insane at times, but there is something about being in the woods that just makes everything makes sense.  We have been implementing a lot of new habitat improvements over the past 3years and feel we need more people on board.  First though I have to thank the MDC for the money and resources they share.  There are some great opportunities for anyone looking to make a difference on his or her own property that will benefit our MO wildlife.  You would not believe what has happened to our deer heard, our quail and our turkey in this area if you didn't see it for your self.  I will not exaggerate this but in deer and quail we have tripled our numbers, and the turkey almost doubled in numbers using our land.  This was and is our goal but not only in quantity but quality.  We have three main ingredients, Warm Season Grass, Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) and food. I want to say more and I will with my next entry soon but until then check out January 09 issue of the Missouri Conservationist pg. 12 where there is more about what we have done and some web sites to help you get mor info.  


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