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Women in the Outdoors Event 3/31/07 in Columbia, MO.
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Women in the Outdoors Event

Bass Pro Shops – Columbia, Missouri

Saturday, March 31, 2007

This Women in the Outdoors event is being hosted by The Mid-State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and Bass Pro Shops.  This event is on Saturday, March 31st from 9:00am - 5:00pm at Bass Pro Sportsman's Center in Columbia.

Think about your typical Saturday. Errands, laundry, kids, cleaning, recycling, chores & the list seems endless. Why not set aside a day just for you? Shirk those mundane Saturday responsibilities and take some time to discover something NEW!

So, you’ve never wet a fishing line or gone hunting with your dad?  Doesn’t matter!  This event is designed to introduce you to outdoor activities to suit your curiosity in a friendly, laid-back, non-competitive environment. You don’t need to be in good physical condition, this is not a no-holds-barred, klutzes-need-not apply event!

This is simply your opportunity to stretch your wings and try something new and exciting in a setting that encourages comfort and fun in the outdoors.  It’s like a day camp for grownups!

Grab your mom, sister, friend or co-worker, or grab all four of them!  Bring them to the Bass Pro Shops Sportsman’s Center in Columbia for a fun and exciting day of learning.  Bring your checkbook or charge card too for special raffles and a silent auction!

Pick 6 hours of instruction from this list of fun classes!

Archery: 1 1/2 hrs, learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and the difference between a recurve and compound bow.

Fly Fishing: 1 1/2 hrs, learn the art of flyfishing and practice in the pond.

Fly Tying: 1 ½ hrs, learn the art of fly tying to build your own fly collection for flyfishing.

Fishing with Lures: 1 ½ hrs, learn what types of lures to use to catch bass and/or crappie, then try your luck in the pond.

Turkey Hunting: 1½ hrs, learn the habitat of the Wild Turkey and how to call and hunt these majestic birds.

Shotgun shooting: 3 hrs, learn shooting techniques from Ralph Gates of Cedar Creek Rod & Gun club, then practice on moving clays on the trap & skeet field.

Rifle Marksmanship:1 ½ hrs, learn how to shoot a rifle and to better your aim for close groupings. (NRA certified instructor)

Womens Handguns: 1 ½ hrs, learn proper shooting technique for handgun shooting, the difference between a revolver & a pistol and practice your shooing skills. (NRA certified Instructor)

Dutch Oven Cooking: 1½ hrs, cook delicious Dutch oven recipes in cast iron Dutch ovens over hot coals. You won’t go hungry in this class!

Antler Jewelry Making: 1 1/2 hrs, make yourself a pair of pierced earrings or a pendant with beads and pieces of decorative deer antler. (Additional cost of $5 for supplies)

Herb Gardening: 1 ½ hrs, learn how you can grow herbs in your own garden and what they are used for.

Native Wildflowers: 1 ½ hrs, learn the different wildflowers that are indigenous to our area and how to grow them in your own garden.

Outdoor Photography: 1½ hrs, learn how to use your own camera to capture great outdoor shots of your loved ones, wildlife or landscapes.

Camping: 1 1/2 hrs, learn how to select and set up a good camp site, how to pitch a tent and what are the best types of tents for your usage.

Wreath Decorating: 1 1/2 hrs, Decorate a wreath with outdoor related items for use on your front door or in your home. (additional charge for supplies)

Bird Watching & ID: 1 ½ hrs, It’s the time of year when our feathered friends are returning from their winter vacations, learn how to identify the birds you see and where to go to see a variety of birds.

Table Top Garden:
1 1/2 hrs, learn how to make your own decorative table top garden. (additional charge for supplies)

Hunting Dog Class: 1 ½ hrs, Bird Dog: learn how to begin training your bird dog to hunt with you in the field.  Water Dog: learn how to begin training your hunting dog to retrieve from the water and to be your hunting companion.

**Over lunch enjoy a fashion show of spring outdoor clothing & hunting gear for women.

Registration Fee is $45.00 for all classes, meals, all equipment use (except camera for Photo class), one year subscription to Women in the Outdoors magazine, water and refreshments through the day.

Early Bird Special: Register by March 17th and receive $5 off your registration fee!

Bring a Friend Special: register with a friend and save an additional $5!

For questions or to request a registration form contact Tammy Ballew @  573-864-3014 or email her. mailto:ballewcr@centurytel.net


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