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Fishing tournament results
Reeves Brothers Outdoors Tournaments
Date: 8/27/2011 - 8/27/2011
Location: Pomme De Terre
Type: Open
Format: Buddy/Team
Reported by: Kevin Reeves
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Tournament Conditions
Water Level 839.44 normal 839
Water Temperature 83
Water Color clear-staind
Air Temperature 60's am 90's pm
Skies clear/mostly sunny
Wind 5-10mph

We would like to thank everyone who came and fished the last Reeves Brothers Outdoors regular season event Sat. Aug. 27 at Pomme De Terre Lake. We had 8 boats show up on an absolutely beautifull late August morning. Taking the win with an impressive sack anchored with two fish over 5lbs was the team of Brad Tyer and Tim Sharp with 16lbs 4.2 oz. They fished with a 10" worm and a brush hog all day but said the bite was pretty much done by 8am. They would like to thank Biond-ez custom lures. They also had the big bass of the tournament with a 6lb 2.8oz beauty.

1st-Brad Tyer/Tim Sharp 5 fish 16lbs 4.2oz
2nd-Bruce and Maryann Grady 5 fish 14lbs 14.2oz
3rd-Eric Dearduff/John Purlow 5 fish 11lbs 6.4oz
4th-Derrick Tyree/Dustin Nicks 5 fish 10lbs 11.4oz
5th-Terry and Hal McClelland 5fish 9lbs 10.6oz
6th-Steve and Andrew Sherrill 5 fish 9lbs 4.6oz
7th-Alex Pagel/Keith Metheny 4fish 5lbs 14oz

Big Bass-Tyer/Sharp 1 fish 6lbs 2.8oz

We would like to thank our sponsors; John's Hot Props, Crossbreed Holsters, Infinite Innovations, and Eagle Claw.

Thank You to everyone fishing with us this season and we hope to see everyone who fished at least one tournament with us this season at our end of the season event Oct. 8, 2011 on Stockton Lake out of Old State Park 6:30am-3pm.

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