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Fishing tournament results
Fishers of Men Central Texas
Date: 2/28/2009 - 2/28/2009
Location: Lake Buchanon
Type: Circuit
Format: Buddy/Team
Reported by: Army Bass Anglers Roberson
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28 FEB, found ArmyBassAnglers Pro Don Bailey “rucking up” to carry the full load of his team on Lake Buchanan without his partner, ArmyBassAnglers Pro Cody Roberson, who is currently deployed to Iraq and set to return in early May with the 10th Mountain Division. Armed only with his Ardent XS1000 mounted atop of a custom Castaway XP3 medium cranking rod and some crawdad colored laser lures. Bailey managed to land 12 “bucks” in 6 to 8ft of water but only 1 would keep for 1.79 lbs. “Despite my total weight you just can’t complain too much when your catch’in fish all day, while Cody & Mike are still over in Iraq,” stated Bailey, but “all in all I had a great time despite some difficult winds.”

ArmyBassAngler Pros Brent Homan and Chuck Guthrie would only travel 2 miles to kick things off in Silver Creek with 35 mph winds and 4-6 ft swells. Guthrie started out fishing a Carolina rigged rattlesnake from Tightlines Premium Fishing Tackle in 8 foot of water on his Castaway 761H Big Show while Homan started the morning off with his Castaway Skeleton 762H Flipping Stick paired with an Ardent Reel. The bite was slow and the weather and waves were a formidable foe but the team managed to locate & land 3 keepers and maintain an 11th place finish in the total points standing for the Championship race and Regional Qualifier. “Conditions were extremely tough with 25-35 mph winds and gust up to 50 mph, we were just happy to get out of there without losing any ground in the points standings” stated Homan.

“Chilly, windy and big gusts,” are the first words that come to my mind stated ArmyBassAnglers Pro Ron Seevers.  “We also noticed the water was 15 ft below pool,” stated ArmyBassAnglers Pro Al Pemberton.  Seevers and Pemberton began the tourney probing channels of Silver Creek, as well for approx an hour with no takers, then moved to Maxwell Slough, where Seevers would set the hook on a solid 3 lber that fell prey to a peanutbutter and jelly JaRod Jig. Seevers & Pemberton would comb the area for another hour but to no avail. Next stop CR 29, but not without venturing out into 3/4ft swells! “Normally, we’d sweat a trip across the open lake in conditions like this, but we have the confidence of knowing the Skeeter ZX 225s, wrapped in the Returning Heroes Home theme, handle rough water with ease, and we are speaking from experience,” stated Pemberton.  The two anglers fished hard for the rest of the day, but only managed to locate one more fish.  The two fish totaled 5.10 securing a 32nd place and gaining a few more points.  The team currently sits in 28th place for the year after 2 events—HOOAH!

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