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Clearwater (9/15/2007)
Submitted by: Don Schnable

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The lake is at normal pool ,good visibility,and 82 degrees surface temperature.Largemouth bass are being caught with surface lures early in the day and  at dusk. If the skys are overcast the bite lasts longer. Zara Spooks and other "Walking the Dog" imitations are the lure of choice.During the day 8 inch curl tail plastic worms ,Texas Rigged,fished at the thermocline off the main lake points are getting it done. Try red or purple .
White Bass are being taken all day long by anglers trolling small crank baits and in line spinners. If you have a graph and can find the large balls of shad drop a small jigging spoon into them vertically and you can catch as many as you want.
The spillway fishing is starting to pick up as the water temp drops.The evening hours are best and lures that reflect light the best,such as spoons are doing best.Catfish are also being caught around the boat ramps by fishermen using nightcrawlers.
Fishing Tip Late summer is prime time for deep-running crankbaits. Fish will gather and hold along deep ledges and creek channels. Make long casts over these likely areas and keep moving until you catch a fish. Once you connect, go back over the area with a Carolina-rigged lizard or Texas-rigged worm. The slower presentation may catch a few more fish and lets you determine the cover attracting them.  SCE     Don Schnable
                               Report compiled by  JIM WOHLSCHLAEGER, Clearwater Lake---Piedmont Mo. sponsor....Cleatwater Store & Cafe 1 573 223 4813  jimh@7511.com  
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