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Coffeen (10/3/2008)
Submitted by: Mike Evanoff

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Water Level slightly above normal pool
Water Temperature 84.8 garmin temp
Water Color clear to slightly stained
Water Conditions calm to choppy
Air Temperature 60's
Wind Condition ENE breeze

                                          COFFEEN LAKE



Coffeen is right at normal pool or just slightly above. It’s a long way from last winter pool. If that is the last time you have been there. The water is slightly stained in cemetery cove. It is somewhat clearer in the main channel. The weed beds are there but not as abundant.


The bass fishing is good. The fish are being caught on spinner baits and plastics. The spinner bait fish are coming shallow over the weed beds or slow rolling deeper waters. Try using a ½ oz flesh colored double willow leaf gold blades while fishing in the shallow beds. If you are out in the deeper waters try a ½ oz to ¾ oz chart/white willow leaf with gold and silver blades. I was up today and fished for about 4 hours and had several keepers using these baits. I was using an E-Factor diamond gold double willow leaf in the shallow water and an E-Factor chart/white diamond gold nickel leaf blade in the deeper waters, off points.


The plastics were the typical Coffeen specials. I tried matching the colors to the water. I had a few pick up the bait but resulting in no hook up. If I were going back up to the lake I would probably try throwing a jig. Again trying to match the color of the bait with the water.


Just a reminder to all of us Coffeen fanatics. USA Bassin is kicking off their circuit on October 4th. I have the rules and entry form if you would like to email me or you can check it out at www.USA Bassin.com. This will be a very good circuit for us Coffeen anglers. They are all Saturday tourneys.


If you are interested in the spinner baits I used today you can find them at Bluff City Tackle in Alton and at Denny’s Package Liquor in Litchfield or on line at www.E-FactorLures.com. Also a reminder Bluff City Tackle is having their annual fall sale this week. There will be entry forms available at Bluff City Tackle for the USA Bassin Coffeen Fall/Winter Circuit.


See ya on the water,


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