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Date:2/26/2012 - 2/26/2012

1st place Wheeler 18.22 lbs!

     This past weekend my club held it's 3rd tournament of the year. In a previous post I had mentioned that I missed the 1st tournament on Kentucky which hurt because there were some very nice bags brought to the scales. I have, however, bounced back up the standings having competed in the last two tournaments. As I posted before, my partner and I placed 2nd on Pickwick with 18.47 and had big bass of 7.17. This past weekend the tournament was held on Wheeler Lake and my partner and I garnered 18.22, enough to take the win! We weighed a 5.05 lb. largemouth, missing big bass by .06 lbs. We caught a few fish on the A-rig (which were culled out by the end of the day) and crankbaits, swimbaits, and spinner baits. We focused mainly on mainlake transition areas catching fish from 3 ft. all the way down to about 15ft. The shallow water blow out should be starting soon which is really my forte having grown up learning to fish all my favorite Illinois mud holes. It's been a good start to the year so far with nearly 37 pounds for 2 tournaments and I hope to keep plowing through the rest of the year! Our next one will be held on Wilson Lake March 18th. I'll keep you informed on how the fishing is unfolding!

Josh Bracamontes

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