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Dave's Custom Baits Introduces the New Black Market 110 Jerkbait!


Dave’s Custom Baits Introduces the Black Market 110

I recently had the privilege of spending a couple of hours in David Ryan’s shop as he introduced me to his new line of jerkbaits, the Black Market 110. The bait bears a striking resemblance to a Megabass Ito Vision 110 set apart by the custom paint jobs David applies. The hard plastic baits feature a weight-transfer system that ensures long casts, even into those stiff late winter/early spring winds. The weights also allow the bait to suspend. As with any jerkbait, anglers can customize the suspending characteristics by manipulating the weight of the lure by changing hook sizes and/or adding lead to the hook shanks or body, thus providing a wide range of action from a slow-riser, perfect suspender, or slow-sinker. Additionally, one can customize the bait to suspend horizontally or nose down depending upon the mood of the fish.

Being somewhat familiar with the Ito Vision 110’s, and more so the Lucky Craft Pointers and my old standby, the Smithwick Rogue, what truly sets Dave’s baits apart from the competition is the finish. In the past, savvy anglers spent tons of time modifying Rogues to suspend then having them custom painted. Lucky Craft followed that by allowing anglers to spend a significant amount of money on a production bait with the introduction of the Pointer. Their castability and finish sparked many to set aside their Rogues in favor of the Pointer. Although a fairly well kept secret, the Ito Vision 110 has found favor amongst many of the Lake of the Ozark and Table Rock pros as their bait of choice, predominantly due to the more natural paint jobs attained straight from the box. However, the thought of dropping $25-$40 on a single bait is a stumbling block to many, including those who have become accustomed to spending $15-$20 on a Pointer.   However, with his low overhead expenses, David is able to provide a custom-painted bait that will best anything found off the shelf while keeping the price down to $20 for any of his five “house” colors, “Dead Sexy”, “Clown Foil-on White”, “Missouri Shad”, “Table Rock Special”, and “Threadfin Shad”. If you have a custom color in mind, David can provide what you want for a mere $10 upcharge, giving you a high-quality bait with a custom paint job for less than you can buy a Vision 110 and have it repainted!

The photos below simply do not do justice to the depth and detail of each bait, as each of the standard house colors are actually multiple layers of varying colors that provide a chameleon effected as the bait moves in relation to the light source.

l-r: Dead Sexy, Clown Foil on White, Missouri Shad, Table Rock Special, Threadfin Shad

Unlike the mass produced baits, there are not “sharp” edges of colors. For example, the Table Rock Special, a color that most are familiar with, is more than a chartreuse body with a swipe of purple across the back. Dave’s version of this proven color scheme blends the purple back into a mesmerizing combination of chartreuse and pearl that makes the bait seem to change colors as the lure wobbles from side to side. 

 Table Rock Special

I simply do not have the ability to capture that kind of detail with a camera nor to describe it in words, but I walked away extremely impressed by the detail, depth, and “illusion” of each bait. I also walked away a little lighter in the wallet as there were three baits that managed to find their way to my truck for the drive home! After a night of stewing over the baits, I went back and bought the remaining house colors. Below are close ups of the other standard schemes:


Missouri Shad


Threadfin Shad


Dead Sexy


Clown Foil on White

The baits will be offered sans hardware (split rings and hooks), as many folks have their own personal preferences when it comes to terminal tackle. David suggests the baits will obtain a near perfect horizontal suspending posture when dressed with a pair of #4 round bend hooks fore and aft, a #6 in the middle, and a single suspend dot located just behind the front hook hanger. If your preference leans towards a nose down attitude, positioning the lead dot just forward of the front hook should do the trick.

If you are interested in Dave’s Custom Baits new Black Market 110 baits, feel free to contact David via the information listed below: 


                                          Phone: 816-650-3294                                      David Ryan

                                         Cell: 816-716-4534                                         P.O. Box 15

                                          Email: toadslinger@juno.com                         Levasy, MO 64066

 David also has a Facebook page set up where you can view a complete photo album of these baits as well as many more that are available. Be sure and check it out!

Posted by Mark Thompson, who is proud to support Smithville Marine, Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Motors, Mustad, 724Outdoors.com, Dave’s Custom Baits, and The Buck Stops Here Taxidermy .

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